Paris France Trip, France Travel Guide

Paris France Trip

Paris France is a European city which is called a  Global center. Today I will discuss Paris France. The Parisian attraction is one of the most popular reasons for the top priority for the people who come to visit the city of Paris.  Paris is the wonderful Musée d’Orsay where are shop the greatest design on the Champs Élysées or hit the boutiques in Le Marais,

You can take in the view on the Eiffel Tower even preparation daily trek to Versailles Palace. In facts of Parisian facts,  never ignore any placed to know about this place clearly. The straightforward joy of beautiful the wonderful arrondissements, which is not nibbling on road crepes either. You planning a trip to French Paris will be so much enjoyment


Location of Paris

Paris is located in a European country which is the capital of France. The area of Paris is situated 105 square kilometers. The City of Paris was founded by le-de-France. This Paris city is 42 meters above sea level which also called the biggest city. from the visiting world city list, Paris took one of the top popular places. From the Google map, you will be more clear about the location of Paris. You can also easily visit virtually the Paris area by Map. we will provide you the best things all of Paris in our article. make yourself clear about Paris & visit easily from a mind free destination.



Reasons for visiting Paris

There are various reasons to visit here by here beauty & historical places. The feelings of visiting Paris is really exceptional from another place visiting. The visitors & tourists draw the light of the Paris city. This is sure that the food quality celestial food and huge accumulations merit portion of the credit too. The Seine river is the most amazing things to visit Paris.


The Squares Rococo and Neo-classic structure engineering which is rarely improved by different trees and streetlamps. Another beauty of here is peppering the Seine’s cobbled strolls & agile scaffold are incomprehensibly chic Parisians which is most likely on their way to the market.



Best time to visit Paris

The best time to visit Paris is the summer season & the other season is fall. where summer keeps the June to August & Fall remains September to October. The best time to visit Paris is the ups & downs at this time. Actually, the perfect time to visit Paris is from June to August when you will get the weather of Paris & you can do all the things to do.


Unhappily, This is a very crowded time in here. As people are well known about the perfect time to visit hear, For this reason, people come to Paris to enjoy much. You have to keep reminded that Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. So no matter what time is to visit, all time is perfect and more crowded.


What to do in Paris today

If you are the first time visiting here, You have many things to do here. Firstly you need to these things next you have to invest the places which are a popular famous Eiffel Tower with the Louver & Notre-Dame. For your short time, It is impossible to visit everything or things to do all of here.


You can get the chance to do shopping & historical center visiting & local investing with musical show visiting. We have listed the most popular things to do in Paris which is called the best things to do in here. We have listed the best things to do in here below.


Best things to do in Paris

  • Place de la Concorde,
  • The Louvre,
  • Eiffel Tower,
  • Palace of Versailles,
  • Hôtel des Invalides,
  • Arc de Triomphe,
  • Sainte-Chapelle,
  • Catacombs,
  • Église Saint-Sulpice,
  • Fondation Louis Vuitton,
  • Musée Marmottan Monet,
  • Panthéon,
  • Musée de l’Orangerie,
  • Père Lachaise Cemetery,
  • Place des Vosges,
  • Musée des Arts et Métiers,
  • Canal Saint-Martin,
  • Musée Rodin,
  • Musée des Arts Décoratifs,
  • Sacré-Coeur,
  • Musée Jacquemart-André,
  • Petit Palais,
  • Palais Garnier,
  • Jardin du Luxembourg,
  • Jardin des Tuileries,
  • Coulée Verte René-Dumont,
  • Centre Georges Pompidou,
  • Musée d’Orsay,


Best place to stay in Paris

Here is the best amazing place which is introduced as the most visited European capital for its own magical reason. After booking your flight, the next tension is how to select the best place to stay in here close to everything. From my own here experience, there are many wrong areas which may take time wrongly from you. So plan to book your hotel online. The complex question is where to stay in Paris this answer is based on where you will plan to trip to here. As there are several places with several hotels. First I suggest that after reaching here, you must have to read here local news from the major international site. to make you more clear. The most attractive hotel closer to the major attraction.


Best Hotels in Paris

  • Hotel louvre opera,
  • Gardette Park Hotel,
  • Hotel Lancaster,
  • Parister Hotel,
  • Hotel Fabric,
  • Relais Christine,
  • Inter Continental,
  • Hotel Vernet,
  • Hotel Esprit Saint Germain,
  • La Clef Louvre,
  • La Réserve & Hotel and Spa,
  • Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel,
  • Hôtel Plaza Athénée,
  • The Peninsula,
  • Le Bristol,
  • Four Seasons Hotel George V,
  • Ritz,
  • Shangri-La Hotel,
  • Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal,
  • Le Royal Monceau,
  • Mandarin Oriental,
  • Le Meurice,
  • Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme,
  • Prince de Galles,
  • Saint James,
  • Hotel Signature St Germain des Pres,
  • Maison Souquet,



Paris food guide

There is some popular place which claims you greater enjoyment Paris in the food & dining department. The food culture here is Amazing. The greatest culinary risk is never taken in here of these days when some gastronomic culture people around the world. The here culture is the motivation as a model which established the gourmet traditions in the Paris France country which is invented the notion of Haute cuisine which is continued to be cherished. There are many vegetarian & vegan eateries in which is not half bad these days. We provided some best foods in here where you will get the taste with the culture of here.


There are several restaurants by its category such as Gourmet Restaurants & Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants where you can get the best food ever in the city of Culture here. When you have earned up three Michelin starts three for exceptional cuisine with its own service. The Parisian start chefs are called as the Alain Ducasse & Guy Savoy which guarantee from own experience. To make your comfortable journey, We have listed some popular here food which you can enjoy much & know more about The Parisian food taste with their own culture. So never wait to read below & take these foods.


  • Eat The Tastiest Cookies On Earth
  • Let The Créme Brûlée Melt In Your Mouth!
  • Eat Your Daily Croissant
  • See The Pro For Profiteroles
  • Try The Prettiest Gelato In Town
  • Try Real French Onion Soup
  • Croque Monsieur Or Croque Madame
  • Sip On Real Hot Chocolate
  • Parisian Fish
  • Indulge In Crepes: The Tastiest Street Food Ever!


Getting Around in Paris

Getting Around in Paris is very easy. As you get easily all transportation service such as Bus, Boat, Bike, Train & Metro service of Paris. The walk experience of here is unimaginable. The public transportation of Paris is really Amazing where you will get the best service by the Metro Map of here France. One of the best ways of getting around in here is walking cities in the world which is called the best public transportation. You can get around here France by public bus.


Each bus stop posts the routes of buses where it stopped. From the high tech interactive maps, it will be more clear. There is ten metro station in Paris France. The metro of here France has been around more than 120 years. At present, there are 14 lines with 300 stations in the system. The boat service to get around here France which is to pass annual. where you can buy one or two day pass from the best deal. If you ever like here France, You can never leave here by its entire beauty. You can also get around here by private taxi. You can get easily here car to be rent and make it clear the pricing and start to get around by Taxi.



Personal Experience of Paris Traveling

I have visited here in the 2016 October with my wife. Travel back in time to the site of France’s most extravagant monarch with this two half hours guided tour of the Palace of different Versailles. There are many Fast-track entry which allows you to skip the lines at this UNESCO World Heritage site, and you’ll arrive in varieties style in a fully air-conditioned coach. You can spend time exploring one of here France as the most famous and impressive landmarks not only for European countries but also for the entire world.


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