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British Virgin Island

British Virgin Island is one of the most popular visited place in Caribbean area of the USA. British Virgin Island has been given archipelago name by the female as a “Virgin Island”. From this Virgin name, Actually, this is the virgin beautiful place. In the beauty of British Virgin Island from the lush, green peaks of its many islands down to the sparkling, crystal-clear waters and beyond & down to the sea life living beneath its surface, From these beauties, it’s seemed to mind as a virgin Island which never used by anyone. So plan to visit & enjoy this trip.


British Virgin Island Map

The British Virgin island is located in the United States of America. Virgin Island is the sum of many islands in this Caribbean which is near east Puerto Rico. There are more than 60 smaller  Islands near Virgin Island. The more popular islands are Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda. Geographically the British Virgin is located on the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. The total Area of British Virgin Island Colony is 59 square miles. Tortola, BVI, British Virgin Islands Map with resorts & different restaurants & attractions. The beauty of BVI is featured landscape like mountains, hills, beaches and attracted place are the focus of this British Virgin Island Map.


British Virgin Island Weather

The weather of the British Virgin Island is almost about 25-27’ Celcius always. The latest & today’s climate of this island updated regularly. The cyclone season of Caribbean area normally runs from June to November. The reallocation of virgin islands at the northwestern tip of the Caribbean places it directly in the hurricane belt. In the history of British islands, there is a 25 to 30-year fervor hurricane of tropical cyclone activity during that period. People of the Virgin Islands always may expect a category of 4 storm and different category 2 or 3 storms.

But people of virgin islands enjoy this tropical climate, controlled by trade winds. The islands are actually rainfall when they covered with High ascent. The Virgin Islands, likewise all of the Caribbean is climate sensitive. British Virgin Island (BVI) lives and livelihood rotate around are closely linked to weather-rainfall, temperature, humidity, the trade winds the several events including drought, floods, hurricane & cyclone.


Best time to Trip

The most reliable time to trip to the British Virgin Island is the mid-December to April when the weather is at its best, everything is open & sailing scene is in full swing with enjoy. For the ambiance dialed down a notch, May & June is the perfect time to trip British Islands. Everything still open but crowds are less, lodging rates decrease & the trade winds are milder for sailors. This is also popular for lone people who dislike crowds. But November to July lobster season when famed crustaceans are their jucist and widely available for doing the trip the British Virgin Island. Before planning to BVI trip you must follow season time of this island, As all time is not opened with a great climate. To enjoy perfectly, You should follow this instruction.


British Virgin Island Resorts

There are many different resorts near the British Virgin Island. We suggest you some popular but fewer price resorts with your budget. There are given in the below.

Nanny Cay Resort,

Marina Cay,

Rosewood Little Dix Bay,

Peter Island Resort,

Oil Nut Bay,

Mango Bay Resort,

Turtle Bay Resort,

Belongo Bay Beach Resort,

Emerald Beach Resort,

Chenay Bay Beach Resort,

The Palms at Pelican Cove,

The Buccaneer St Croix,

Sebastian’s on the Beach,

Fort Burt Hotel,

The Heritage  Inn,


British Virgin Island Airports

To connect airports surround with British Virgin Island makes arrivals and departures as the easy part of your travel itinerary. When you want to travel BVI by airports, you must need to know that there are no direct flights from the USA, Canada, Europe or South America to the British Virgin Island main airport the Terrance B. Lettsome Airport(EIS). These are major airports Auguste George Airport, Anegada(NGD). I will suggest you some airports for the flight. You can flight these.

Flight to British Virgin Island easily by this airport service

Flights via St. Thomas-Airport code(STT),

Flights via Antigua-Airport Code(ANU),

Anegada Airports,

Beef Island Airport,

Hovercraft/Launch Pt Airport,

Road Town Airport,

Virgin Gorda Airport,

West End SPB Airport,


British Virgin Island Currency

The main currency of the USA Dollar. You can also use the visa card to entering the BVI. If you go from other currency countries, You must convert your money to USD for spending the local cost. So covert your money, and enjoy your trip to hear.


Food of Virgin Island

There is no limited food. As for the popular visitor the people of the Caribbean have imported all international quality based food for a visitor. There is also local island food. But maximum  Restaurants imported but the local island is often available. For the near of sea, You can get easily with cheap Seafood dishes, fish chowder, whelks, conch stew & mussel pie. You can also Indian Roti that’s called Indian bread which filled with meat or vegetables and You can also get Italian Fungi which is not actually mushroom but usually served with seafood. You will also get local tasty fruits such as papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, tamarind, Sugar apple, soursop & passion.


Best Things to Do British Virgin Island

The Tortola is the most populated of the island. There are are some best things to do on British Virgin Island. One thing of these is the Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda. This is the perfect place to take selfie and bathing with great enjoyment. The second thing is the most natural beauty of Gorda Peak National Park, Virgin Gorda. You will get the best happiness feeling by nature and you can also enjoy sweeping views of North Sound, Anegada. You will also see the wildlife such as tree frogs, Bats & Soldier crabs & world’s smallest lizard. The next thing to do is to visit North Sound on Virgin Gorda.

Hiking is one of the popular activities in this region. North Sound is extremely popular for boat beaching, & Private charters with a different situation. Another thing to do is to visit White Bay, Jost Van Dyke. There is a popular thing to see the reef protects the water from waves and swells. The next thing to do is to watch Smuggler’s Cove Beach, Tortola.  In the Westernmost end of Tortola lies Smuggler’s Cove which is a secluded, sheltered and undeveloped patch. Look for the old car which has been used Hollywood Movie”The Old Man & the Sea”.

Another thing to do is to visit Angela island which is surrounded by a maze of coral reef that extends for many kilometers offshore. The features of Angela are salt ponds, sand beach, blooming. The other things to do are Soper’s Hole, Tortola, Road Town, Tortola, Rhone National Maritime Park & RMS Rhone Shipwreck Dives, Sage Mountain National Park, Tortola, Sandy Cay, Norman Island, Peter Island.

There are some works which have to do, these are , The Baths, Cow Wreck Bay, Cruzin Bar & Grille, Hog Heaven, Savannah Bay, Lobster Trap, Hendo’s Hideout,  CocoMaya, Fireball Full Moon Party, Wonky Dog, Dove, Bomba’s Shack, Foxy’s, Norman Island, Saba Rock Lounge, Spring Bay, Ruby Roti Queen Restaurant, Cane Garden Bay, Brewers Bay.


Language & Population

The official language of British Virgin Island is English. But the primary language of this area is British English. The actual population of there is almost about 32K.


Personal Experience of British Virgin Island Traveling

From my own trip, This is an unbelievable trip to me. I have visited all that i have discussed the best things to do topic. I have passed there for 4 weeks and visit whole things to enjoy with nature. The really unimaginable trip it seemed to me now too. But you have to be careful from sailor and their demand. So you can enjoy much with these places. Happy traveling.

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